Examples 🔨

Save hard-to-remember commands

git reset --soft HEAD~1
grep -rnw "keyword" ./directory

Toggle dark mode ⚫

osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to tell appearance preferences to set dark mode to not dark mode'

Open apps and links

open -a Terminal ~/path/to/folder
open -a Xcode
open https://getbidbar.com

Download and edit files 📁

curl -O https://getbidbar.com/release/Bidbar.zip
unzip Bidbar.zip
mv Bidbar.app /Applications

Shell script syntax

if [ `date +%A` == "Friday" ]
    echo TGIF!

Say custom messages 🔊

say Today's date is `date +%A%B%d`
{ echo Goals for today; cat goals.txt; } | say

Modify default Mac settings

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool TRUE
defaults write com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 30
defaults write -g com.apple.springing.delay -float 1.0

Keep your computer running ☕

caffeinate -t 3600
# Commands automatically time out after 1 hour

Do git operations 🦑

cd path/to/project &&
git pull &&
git commit -am "Commit my awesome changes"

Run scripts in various languages

python path/to/file.py
sh shell_script.sh

Take screenshots 📷

screencapture -x -R0,0,640,320 ~/Pictures/Screenshot.png

Run and test your projects

cd path/to/project &&
npm start &&
npm test

Turn off your computer 💻

shutdown -r now
shutdown -h +60

Run commands with sudo

echo password | sudo -S mv file /usr/local/bin
# Expose your password at your own risk!

Start up localhost 🌐

python3 -m http.server
# Commands automatically time out after 1 hour

Network commands

ping -c 5 getbidbar.com
ipconfig getifaddr en0

And much, much more...

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